Cooperative Method of Teaching: Strategies for Developing Students’ skills

532 students

Participants are expected to be engaged in cooperative group work, by participating in seminars and workshops. Experienced trainers will deliver lectures and workshops to participants based on the participants’ needs and interests.

New cooperative methods and techniques help the participants to transform classrooms into attractive environments. Effective communication skills in classroom are intended to be presented within workshops. Additionally, the participants develop skills of cooperation and increase their level of self-confidence and effectiveness.

After the course, the bonds of international co-operation that you might establish with other participants in this program will expand the European Dimension of your school by providing opportunities to share and disseminate professional knowledge and examples of good practices at European level.

Generally, the course will promote interaction among participants in the whole program and efforts will be made to provide a collaborative learning environment.

Course location: Thessaloniki / Chalkidiki
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Paideia is a European provider of qualitative Professional Development courses for Teachers. Ιt is based in Τhessaloniki, the second-largest city in Greece.

A group of experienced teachers and teacher trainers have been providing a range of onsite teacher training courses.

We have been offering teachers and educational staff with lifelong education concerning contemporary issues as innovative teaching methods, educational management, arts and social inclusion.

Following new trends, we offer ERASMUS+KA1 courses in Thessaloniki and in Kassandra Chalkidiki in North Greece. [read more]