Effective Schools: a step ahead

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The Effective School model is based on more than thirty years of research conducted internationally.

In the effective school, there is a clearly-articulated school mission through which the staff shares an understanding and commitment to instructional goals.

In the effective school, there are high expectations for success, initiating innovations.

In the effective school, the principal acts as an instructional leader and also empowers and helps teachers to become collaborative leaders in continuous improvement.

In the effective school, student academic progress is measured regularly and rigorously by a variety of appropriate assessment procedures.

In the effective school, teachers concentrate on using classroom time for instruction in essential content and skills.

In the effective school, safety is considered to be everywhere apparent.

In the effective school, parents play an important role in helping the school to achieve its mission.

According to the effective school theory given above, in this program, the participants learn how to initiate its basic principles to their own school.

Course location: Thessaloniki / Chalkidiki
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