Kassandra peninsula, situated in the Northern part of Greece is the most crowded among the three peninsulas of Chalkidiki and each summer it attracts thousands of tourists. They usually say that “nowhere in Greece can boast beaches like those of Chalkidiki”. Its distance from “Makedonia” International Airport (SKG) of Thessaloniki to Chalkidiki comes to 80km. The crystal water, the sandy beaches, the picturesque bays, the exceptional local cuisine and wine, in combination with the nightlife have made Kassandra peninsula one of the most famous tourist destinations in Greece. Additionally, its vicinity with Thessaloniki, the festivals and celebrations all the year round have made Kassandra peninsula a destination for all seasons.

The Thermal Spa in Agia Paraskevi, is a destination throughout the year. Situated on a cliff, it becomes a magnificent setting overlooking the Aegean Sea, offering modern spa with healing water from the depths of the earth. Due to its unique composition of chemical elements, it rejuvenates both body and spirit.

The ancient city of Stagira, birthplace of the Greek philosopher Aristotle and Olynthos, the first city built with Hippodamion grid plan along with Mount Athos(Agion Oros) the most important monastic community as for the Christian Orthodox Church ,which makes you feel like travelling back in time to the religious heart of the Byzantine empire, are only some of the options you have when visiting the “paradise” called Chalkidiki…