• Career Management

    Knowledge doesn’t matter if one cannot transform it into applicable skills. To know how to use obtained knowledge into useful practice is the demand in every aspect of modern life.

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  • STEAM Education

    A personalized learning program that inspires teachers to learn, practice, and master competencies that support playful, hands-on STEAM learning with maximum impact on student outcomes.

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  • Educational Management

    Educational management has to do with the administration of schools, whereby human and material resources should be supervised, planned and organized successfully.

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  • Cooperative Learning – Outdoor Activities

    The traditional classroom should be transformed into a modern school environment with priority in active, experiential and collaborative learning.

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  • Inclusive education

    Inclusive education, that is Schooling for all within a mainstream system -including those with disabilities and vulnerable groups- is regarded a necessity.

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  • A peer group mentoring model

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    Mentoring is widely supported in many educational systems; In order to enhance teaching effectiveness and professional growth, ongoing guidance is provided by mentors in countries around the world, even to appointed teachers. The current literature review mentions a distinction between the bureaucratic-managerial and the participatory model and also between conventional and educational mentoring models.